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The mission of the Mount Laurel Lacrosse Club is to teach and promote the sport of lacrosse at the youth level for children who reside in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.


1st & 2nd Grade (Scoopers)

Our Scoopers program serves as the foundation for further participation in our program.  This program focuses on teaching the fundamentals of the game in a fun and positive clinic environment


3rd & 4th Grade

Our 3rd & 4th grade teams provide children their first opportunity to play competitive games against teams from other towns.  Instruction at this level continues to emphasize basic lacrosse skills while introducing game play IQ.


5th & 6th Grades

At the 5th & 6th grade level, the game becomes more competitive and teams are split by skill level.  Depending on skill level, instruction continues to reinforce basic lacrosse fundamentals as well as game play strategies, plays and positions.

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7th & 8th Grades

7th & 8th grade are critical years for players to fine-tune their skills and obtain maximum knowledge of the game in order to prepare for competitive high school programs.  Team will be split by skill level and we continue to welcome new players.

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